Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fun with Kylie!

We had Kylie over to play today. Payton had a blast! She was so excited to have someone to play with other that LuLu. Although there was some fighting over crayons and whose turn it was to go down the slide, they love each other....I even had them mopping the floor and they loved it! Who knew?

Payton and Kylie

Payton in her hat

Kylie driving... beep! beep!
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Twinkle little star

Here is Payton singing Twinkle little star.... so cute!

My wallpapering adventure

I should be terrified of wallpaper after the year I spent tearing it down, yet here we are again. Unfortunately due to some wallpaper damage to this bathroom on the walls the best thing to cover it up was just to wallpaper again. I also had some inspiration from a few of my decorating magazines and .....presto! This is what I came up with! I could not find a good before picture but here is our new 1/2 bath downstairs!

I got this chandelier at a thrift store, spray painted it, and wired and hung it by myself! And yes, it does work. :)

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Snow Days!!

North Carolina finally got another dose of its famous March snow madness. 4 days ago we had at least 5" of snow and no power for two days. We spent our nights sleeping in front of the fireplace, eating pizza, and playing charades. Today should be about 70 degrees and sunny! Got to love the weather here.....

The road

Sketcher and LuLu


Sitting by the cozy fire in the COLD house.

Our lovely gazebo did not make it :(
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