Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's a sale!

And we all love a good sale.... especially at Ballard Designs! I swiped up a couple of these pillow covers for $4.99! Yes, $4.99 including the monogram. You can't beat that! I believe the only sale fabric left is the off white duck. 

Or also this style in a white terry - $9.99 for insert and cover!
Go check it out!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A kitchen redo

I have really wanted to try open shelving in my kitchen for a while. At first I planned on mounting shelves on the walls but the only available space was above our breakfast table. I know it might be silly but I don't like shelving above my head. So my next thought went to inspiration I have seen on the internet where people are just removing their cabinet doors. What? Crazy! Well, DH thinks so but I decided to try it out. If I didn't like it I told myself, I could always put them back on!

*Please excuse my misspelling on the backsplash! I was too lazy to retake the pictures once I realized there is not an 'e' in 'appetit".* Thank you. moving on.
This side has some of my favorite white dishes displayed on top and our every day dishes on the bottom. I weeded out any that didn't coordinate well and we still have plenty to use. I stashed all of the kiddie plastics in one cabinet that has a door. I was nervous about all of my un-pretty clutter but was able to find a new home for that stuff without a problem.

 This side with the glasses is my least favorite. I haven't quite figured out just how it should be arranged yet but it will get there.



I printed the black and white bird picture from The Graphics Fairy and had these plates in a cabinet. The birdie plate at the top was a score at TJ Maxx thanks to a heads up from Rhoda@ Southern Hospitality! I planned on buying several but they only had one left.



I also repainted this grayish blue color I mixed with two mistints from Sherwin Williams for $5 each.

I got my little silhouette black rooster on clearance at hobby lobby. The chalkboard was from a project here.

I love the new wall color. So far I love the open shelving as well. We have a small kitchen so it opens it up and provides  display space and storage all in one area. Love multi purposing! 

Check out The Inspired Rooms Winter Home  Linky!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Using Christmas ornaments all year

I admit. I have been a little stumped after Christmas on what to put on the front door and around the home for winter decor. I know Valentines day is coming up but sorry folks, that is not a holiday I deem fit for my home decor. Maybe I will hang a heart wreath when the time is sooner but I am not making any promises.

So I decided to do as the Nester does and "use what I have". I found this door hanging container that I picked up at Goodwill a while back and removed some greenery off of my fall wreath. I stuffed the container with the greens and then picked out some Christmas tree ornaments that I left to the side in hopes of being able to use them more. Those would be the little bird in the nest and the rustic star.

With all of the cute Christmas themes out there I'm sure all of you have some that could be used all year. Did you keep them out? I think this is a "season neutral"  greeting at the door that can last me until at least sprint. Unless I put a Valentines heart that is....



Monday, January 4, 2010

Do you have a fairy?

I do. The Graphics Fairy! She has the cutest vintage graphics printables FREE! I had some extra picture frames to use in some areas and gave it a try. I was not disappointed.
Don't you just love the bird above? There are more like it!

This little number above is in my kitchen. I did have a Christmas vintage coffee add for the Holidays here but forgot to take a pic. This is my replacement. I just left the coffee add behind this one so when Christmas rolls back around all I have to do is switch them and use the same frame.

This was a vintage Santa image I used on a table in the living room.
Go check her out! Also Vintage Printable's are free as well.


Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

DIY Burlap Wreath and a tutorial

The Christmas decor is down and it's time to fill in spaces with something for the new year. I had a pine wreath on this mirror for Christmas and liked the way it looked so I wanted to replace it with another wreath. I didn't have what I wanted on hand but I did have burlap. I always have burlap. I have seen wreaths similar to these on blogs so I decided to whip one up for myself!
It's VERY simple- that's why I was capable of making one, so here's how it's done:
1. Get a wire hanger and shape into a circle. If your hanger you find is anything like mine was, this is easier said than done.

2. Cut 4-6 inch strips. I started with 6" but decided I liked the 4" better. I used about 5 strips that were about 3 feet long.

3. Poke hanger through burlap in about 3"folds and scrunch down.

4. Keep poking and scrunching, poking and scrunching... and poking and scrunching. Then just when you think you might be done you most likely need to poke and scrunch just a little more! I then hung with my favorite Ballard Designs check ribbon.

I am linking this to Kimbas DIY day. Check out the other DIY projects!
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Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


Friday, January 1, 2010

Good bye 2009

It's 2010! This has been another eventful year for us. Honestly, we have not had an uneventful year yet but this was certainly no exception. We are looking forward to 2010 and all the surprises I'm sure it will bring! Here is a video of our past year in a nutshell. I wish and your family a great year to come!

Christmas Isrel style

So, the Christmas rush is finally over. I LOVE the holidays including the madness that goes along with the pretty decorations, the jolly music, the yummy food, and good times with family and friends. Did I mention the yummy food? We had a great Christmas, here it is in review.

Christmas parade for dance class.

Christmas Eve jammies.

Santa came for a visit!

Lots of fun messes...

New babies first Christmas.

Sassy girls in their Christmas dress

Modeling new gifts

Lots of smooches :)

Playing some tunes...

Men being men...

Fun for all on the Wii (Just Dance is a great game!)

A 15th Birthday

And a Happy New Year spent with a family Wii party at home and some sparkling Cider!