Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recent thrift finds: Family Room Update

It seems like I am forever updating this family room/den/play room. I can never just get it right, ya know? For starters, it is a very awkward room with virtually no walls to work with. One is a fireplace, another doorway and window, and the other two also both have doorways. It's also very long and narrow.

I have painted the old paneling in here several different colors in the past few years but am satisfied with my current color, Smoke Embers by Valspar. I think painted paneling naturally gives a coastal feel so that is the style I am leaning towards without going too obvious and overdoing shells, etc. 

Another must when updating any room is to use as many thrift finds as possible and to stay on a strict budget. I painted an old coffee table white with a chalkboard top for a fun feature. I slipcovered  the sofa in drop cloths from Home Depot, and found this FAB rug at a flea market for $30. The orange wool Ikea pillow was $1 at a yard sale and the teal pillow covers were on clearance at Target.
See my birdcage in the back? It houses two real live Finches and was $7 at a yard sale!

I also really, really loved this white bamboo mirror I found for $5 at a yard sale. Its old and very heavy. I did not have to paint it, it was already white. The little Ikea floor lamp was from the Habitat Restore, $20.
 Sticks, FREE from outside!Including the gorgeous carved walking stick done by my Husband himself!

The bookshelf in the back is a work in progress. I am not good at arranging bookshelves to look full but not cluttered and also both functional and pretty. I am currently trying to add some of my white milk glass collection.... any tips on bookshelves?  

This vintage GE fan was at the same yard sale as the bamboo mirror, $3. It works great too! I just think it's the cutest thing!

Pretty little blue and white bowl, $6 at a yard sale. (more than I would usually pay but you can tell it's nice. If any one knows anything about it, please share!)

Table Free from roadside trash pile then spray painted. Euro pillow sham, $1 Goodwill, white folding chair, $5 Goodwill and cool lamp $5 Goodwill. Black and White canoe picture, $20 T.J. Maxx. See, I mix it up a little.... 

Do you have any rooms that are constant works in progress? Any tips? Are you able to find lots of goodies thrifting?

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lighten up! Adding aqua.

In light of Spring and Summer I took the advantage of all the beachy cool colors of inspiration and finally tackled some project of my own to lighten up the colors around our home. I managed to redo our living room on a very low budget and am continuing to do things here and there a little at a time.

About a year ago I found a great aqua blue can of paint at Sherwin Williams in the mistint section for $5. I used it in the laundry room and have found many more uses since!

Hall nook before

Hall nook after

Cute pillow I found at T.J. Maxx. So bright and cheerful!

Entryway chair with another T.J.Max pillow that was on clearance.

I painted this lamp and replaced the shade. I haven't even taken off the plastic! Please forgive me...

I've also been moving things around and figuring out how to make big impact without a lot of stuff.

This chalkboard moved from the family room wall to the dining room...

There are so many inspring photos around! These are a few of my favorites I have saved but did not take note of where they were from. If you know, please comment and I will give the proper credit!


I really love the soft colors paired with the black and white in this room. It's a great combination of relaxing and funky! What has inspired you lately?

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The best reason to thrift shop

It's no secret on blogland today that it's become a trend to scavenge for thrift finds to fix up and customize to your style at home. I have always loved thrifting, a hobby my Mom and I did together. We would sift through yard sales and thrift shops to find old furniture to refinish and even great clothes. It's become even easier today with online sites such as Craigslist, Freecycle and more.

While the obvious reason to buy junk to most is to save money, it's so important today to incorporate this into the effort to go green and improve our environment!

 See the story on this Pottery Barn sofa that could have ended up in the trash...

Many people still think thrifting is for "poor people" and feel ashamed to go into a Goodwill. Every time I am in a thrift store I look around and imagine all of this stuff in a landfill. Add all of the stuff in every other Goodwill or any other thrift store for that matter, added on top of all of the actual garbage and items not recycled! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle has to become a way of life. Unfortunately in today's environmental state this can no longer be simply a liberal, hibby thing to do. It's a way of life people. 

Recycling is more than throwing your drink cans in the recycle bin. Think beyond the recycle bin. 

Baby food jars turned magnetic spice jars at Little Apartment on the Prairie

I recently watched this video The Story of Stuff. It has great information on the intentional and taught consumerism attitude that is supposed to save our economy and the vicious cycle it's spinning us in. While I'm not sure of the accuracy of all facts in this video, it does have invaluable information. Also check out their other stories; The Story of Bottled Water and The Story of Cap and Trade.

Anything can be re-purposed! How cute is this boot from the "junk queen" from Funky Junk Interiors?

Also from Funky Junk, a door turned window seat.

My own thrift find from the Habitat Restore- refinished front door.

My twin bed framed turned chalk board. $2 from Goodwill.

There are so many inspiring finds I read daily where items are reused. Sometimes you can find items brand new on Craigslist instead of contributing to more items being manufactured at the stores. While yes, someone else may have purchased this item on Craigslist eventually and would not necessarily end up in a land fill, why not do your part in stimulating the process? Not to mention the extra cash in your pocket....


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A new thrift favorite, a birthday, and slipcover party! (it's been a while)

So, I haven't blogged in awhile. I've thought about it. Then I wonder if my five readers will even notice. I've decided to go ahead and post a few things happening lately for you five anyway. :)

Up above is my new favorite thrift find from Value Village- a vintage Pepsi crate. Don't you love it? It was $8 and she was marking it down 1/2 off as I asked to see it.

Susanna turned 17. Here is the now required Suzie and Payton picture at the cake each year. Payton has to help her blow out the candles. This year we had a pink and chinese birthday with the family.

Plenty of caterpillars have been found in the back yard. Payton loves them now. So does the dog LuLu and we have to keep her from squishing them.

And not to mention my very fun filled experience with some amazing women at the Nesters. Here are Kristi and Nester brainstorming. We slipcovered her infamous toile sectional sofa. I always loved that toile but I think I love it even more all white. It looks so lovely in her home. It's just as cozy and soothing as the pictures look online and the Nester is just as sweet as you would expect.

Here are a couple of the slipcover makers in action Ellen, and Tracey. Them and all the other girls were just the most talented, fun ladies to be sewing with all day.

Everyone, sans Tiny Twig who had a hot date with her husband :)

I'm still working on the "playroom" after finishing the slipcovered sofa. More on that soon!

Monday, April 19, 2010

My drop cloth slipcover

I finally joined the slipcover band wagon! This is my first slipcover and it's not perfect by any means but I like it! I could have straightened it before I took the picture. It's not really that crooked at the seams. This sofa was not a bad print or anything but it was a solid brown canvas that could not be kept clean! I washed the covers of the cushions a couple times and they started to fade and tear. It was getting sad. I would have been lazy and just bought a decent looking pre made slipcover but that became tricky with the type of pillows on the sofa.

I love the look (and price) of the painters drop cloth from Home Depot and decided to use it as my material. I also scored on a twin pack 6x12 cloth for $9.99, basically buy one get one free. I bought two packs thinking 4 cloths would be enought but ended up having to go back for another and used 5 cloths. So $30.00 total. Not bad!

Before picture

Transformation Thursday


Monday, April 5, 2010

Lighten up! A living room redo.

This is my living room before. It was fine. However when I first walked in the room my eyes had to adjust to everything being so dark. The furniture, the walls, and just not enough natural light brought in the room. I planned on making slipcovers but if I had a picture of this whole set, you would see how massive it was and the task seemed too large.
Then a thought occurred to me. What if someone would buy my stuff off Craigslist for the amount I need for what I want at Ikea? It worked!

I also got the chandelier of Craigslist. This room does not have an overhead light so this little candle holding lovely anchors the seating area and adds great character to the room.


The buffalo check came down and up went light airy neutrals that let in the sun light.

I plan on covering the tall chair by the table (currently draped with a tablecloth).  And recovered my table in all burlap with a vintage white linen cloth.

I hung the subway family rules made here.
My spring birdies.

So, the moral to the story is... if you are not happy with what you have don't be afraid to change it up! Especially if you can find a way to get what you love for little to no cost!
Transformation Thursday