Saturday, September 19, 2009

My baby is 3!

OK, so it's been a tough couple of weeks. Preschool and turning 3 all in the same month! A mother can only handle so much! She's growing up so well though. I'm so proud of my big girl!

For even more heart break, take a look at the two pictures
below. The top one is this year and the bottom just LAST YEAR!

I think I have to go cry now. Sniff, sniff.....


A Nesting baby shower

Baby shower preparation is over! Susanna's shower was last weekend and it went very well. We had quite a full house but I think everyone was fed and merry. That's a success in my book!

We had plenty of food and little nest cupcakes. The centerpiece was
birdcage from goodwill and a real birds nest with a little pink birdie.
There were also little nests with pink eggs in the tulle. As well as dollar store
birdies holding Jordan almonds.

We used the mommies letters for the nursery to display the babys
name on the drink table. The water bottles are covered in scrapbook
paper from Hobby Lobby!

I think Mom made out really well with her gifts, now all
that's left to do is wait on baby Gracie!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

DIY Baby shower favors

I am planning a baby shower for my step daughter in the nesting/ birds theme and was having a hard time coming up with a favor idea that was within my budget. Finally, I found these white buckets at the dollar store and decided to run with it. I came up with these little buckets of "eggs" using burlap, tulle, Jordan Almonds, and ribbon. I think they turned out quite cute!

I am submitting this to Kimbas DIY day at A soft Place To Land! Go check it out!

Bucket packs of 3 - $1. These include the Thank You tags and white ribbon! However, I did purchase pink ribbon at Micahels for .50 instead.

These can be found at Wal Mart. I got mine at Michaels.

Just cut about a 3" square of burlap to insert in bucket.

I cut a piece of brown tulle and placed 6 "eggs" in each one. Tied with the pink ribbon and Thank You note, then placed bucket.
The finished product!

I made a few of these with the leftovers to display during the shower.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day

Today was Paytons first day of preschool. Yes, it's only 2 days and half days at that but this is hard for me. My only little baby is growing up way too fast! I think this picture says it all. She didn't even want to walk with me.

So at noon I rushed to the school to pick her up anxious about her day. Of course she had a wonderful time and made a project she was so proud of. I'm so excited for this new adventure of hers but can't help but ask,
"Why do they grow up so fast!?"

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