Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A new thrift favorite, a birthday, and slipcover party! (it's been a while)

So, I haven't blogged in awhile. I've thought about it. Then I wonder if my five readers will even notice. I've decided to go ahead and post a few things happening lately for you five anyway. :)

Up above is my new favorite thrift find from Value Village- a vintage Pepsi crate. Don't you love it? It was $8 and she was marking it down 1/2 off as I asked to see it.

Susanna turned 17. Here is the now required Suzie and Payton picture at the cake each year. Payton has to help her blow out the candles. This year we had a pink and chinese birthday with the family.

Plenty of caterpillars have been found in the back yard. Payton loves them now. So does the dog LuLu and we have to keep her from squishing them.

And not to mention my very fun filled experience with some amazing women at the Nesters. Here are Kristi and Nester brainstorming. We slipcovered her infamous toile sectional sofa. I always loved that toile but I think I love it even more all white. It looks so lovely in her home. It's just as cozy and soothing as the pictures look online and the Nester is just as sweet as you would expect.

Here are a couple of the slipcover makers in action Ellen, and Tracey. Them and all the other girls were just the most talented, fun ladies to be sewing with all day.

Everyone, sans Tiny Twig who had a hot date with her husband :)

I'm still working on the "playroom" after finishing the slipcovered sofa. More on that soon!