Monday, May 11, 2009

Remodel Project

I am so exited we finally have the opportunity to tackle this remodel project. My dad was generous enough to offer to do this project for us. We are taking an old over sized rec room and creating two bedrooms, a hallway, and pantry area. This also includes closing in and drywalling part of the existing family/play room.

Progress viewing hallway and one bedroom from view of larger bedroom.

Closed in wall from existing family room

Isn't Dad talented?
Of course through all this I have so many plans for our new space! I have been inspired by a lot of cottage and coastal homes with soothing earth tones. Here are a couple photos I have found for inspiration.

Country Living Magazine

Country Living Magazine


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Green Chic Makover

Here is one of my recent projects. This table was "OK" before and certainly had its share of scratches. So after much thought I decided to take a discount paint color I got from the reject shelf at Lowes and dry brush the entire thing. I then got a couple glass knobs at a favorite local shop of mine and there you have it! From drab to shab! For a total of $15 and about 25 minutes.

Dry brushing is easy to apply, fast drying, and only needs one coat. I love the antiqued result! Do you have something that could use a Green Chic makeover?


Friday, May 1, 2009

Flashback Friday: Payton one year ago.

Another shocking flashback! This is Payton last April/May and then this year. Does anyone else see the transformation from baby to young lady (sobbing)? The first picture also reminds me......I'm ready for another beach trip!

Beach trip April 2008

Picnicking April 2009

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and cherish these moments with your loved ones!