Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shabby Chest Redo from Habitat Restore

I get a lot of goodies from the Habitat Restore. In fact, I was accumulating so many treasures and I loved the people there so much I decided to be a volunteer at my local Habitat Restore. I have to say it is just and enjoyable as I knew it would be. I find so much reward in volunteering my time for a good cause, interacting with amazing people, and getting out of the house to “hang out” at my favorite kind of place- a treasure store!
Needless to say, since volunteering my finds have only increased. And thanks to the great Leo, our manager, I am able to get great deals. Thanks Leo! 
Last weekend I saw this girl as soon as I walked in the gate buried under other “junk”. I inspected, did the wobble test, and opened drawers. I was in love! She looks a million years old but is still just as functional as the day she was built (they don’t make them like they used to)! There are even little wheels at the bottom of the legs- I love it! As usual, I stuck a big old sold tag on another piece of “junk” that resulted in some raised eyebrows.  

DSC_2863-1 (2)

When I got it in the house I had a hard time decided where it’s new home would be. I decided in the bedroom, which prompted an entire bedroom redo I will post more on later. I actually think this is an End of Bed Dresser after some research. I tried this at the end of our bed but ultimately decided on between two sitting chairs. 


My husband suggested using chalkboard paint on the top because I knew I wanted to leave most of the shabbiness, but honestly the top was too shabby even for me. Chalkboard is a go-to around here so that was the choice. In looking at the pictures I still like the top the way it was before too but in person it looked a lot worse. The rest is a great crackle finish that some may find “dirty” but I think looks perfectly loved. 

DSC_2900 (2)

Have you checked our your local Habitat Restore lately? Find a treasure and help build a Habitat home! I will do a post with more on our store soon also.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days and a Coffee Filter Wreath

It will be our fourth day of school closings tomorrow due to the amount of snow and ice we have here in North Carolina. This is unusual for us, and all of the business/ school closings have resulted in some cabin fever around here.

While I am enjoying the beauty of nature and reveling in the joy of a child experiencing it...

I am also very bored (after playing in the snow).

Enter coffee filter wreath. I saw this first at the Nesters but they are all over blogland. You should check her other links to even more coffee filter projects. I think up next for me will be a book page wreath. They are both so easy, cheap, and pretty! Especially when you recycle a used wreath form at the thrift store for 80 cents! 

I'm working on a little project for the cutest shabby table I picked up at our local Habitat Restore. Which then prompted a midnight bedroom rearranging Saturday night. That's right be jealous of my Saturday nights girls. More on that soon!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Flashback Friday: Taking Back The House

Have you seen the ABC comedy, The Middle? I find it hilariously funny due to the honesty about the unglamorous life of parenting. I can really relate to all aspects and love to watch a refreshing show that doesn't make you feel like something is wrong with your family if you are not "perfect"

Wednesday's episode "Taking the House Back" was no let down and I was thinking how this applies in so many ways in our home. I decided to take MY house back when toddler toys started bursting out of the seams of our house. I know toddlers need toys and there is nothing wrong with having a "family" home. I just wanted to keep the "family" narrowed down to fewer rooms. One example would be the upstairs bathroom. The kids sea theme was starting to blind my eyes every time I walked in. Then it hit me one day. Kids can take baths in bathrooms without fishes on the wall! Ya know what? They can!

Bathroom now

Bathroom before

Like I said, nothing against kids rooms but I just wanted a room that I felt comfortable in also.

Trash find mirror painted "sea green"

See the "textured" walls? After removing some wallpaper our drywall was pretty much ruined so I tried a tissue paper technique on them that turned out kind of neat. It looks great in the new gray also. Almost like stucco. 

Trash find mirror re-painted black.

I also did the entire makeover with items we had around the house and paint in the shed. Cost to "take my house back?" = $0

I have a love of all things signage. Found this one at Hobby Lobby for $3.

I love looking back at old pictures and then to new ones of homes. Its fun to see the transformations with a flash instead of the long process it actually takes to get your home how you want it. And honestly, my daughter has no problem taking baths and brushing her teeth in here while having just as much fun as she did "under the sea".

Can you do anything to "take back your home" today?


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I Wore Wednsday- My first ever!

It's Wednesday, and I decided to link up to WIWW with the two outfits I do have. Apparently there are some technical difficulties due to the size of my bathroom and the lens on my camera (not wide enough). But you get the idea and I will work on this for next week.

Running errands, etc.
Shirt- Old Navy thrifted from Goodwill
Scarf- American Eagle
Jeans- Miss Me, Buckle
Watch- Swiss Army, thrifted from Goodwill

And still not far enough.... can't see my boots but they were Ugg type.

Payton wanted to poise in her "house outfit".

My version of an "Edie" outfit just for her Birthday
Sweater- old from Target
Flower pin- Forever 21
Belt- Fossil, thrifted from Goodwill
Jeans- Refuge, thrifted from yard sale.
Boots- My fave cowgirl boots, Luchesse

I should have more to show next week and hopefully better pictures. Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Life In Grace

Happy Birthday to a woman who has inspired me so in the past year...

A woman who continues to inspire me through her terrible loss and tragedy her family suffered from the week of Christmas.

Happy Birthday to a woman who I have never met in person but has still shown her love and devotion to her family in everything she does and has inspired me to do the same.

Happy Birthday Edie! You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

To read more about Edie and her family, and read other Birthday wishes visit Life in Grace today for a Link Up Birthday Party for everyone who wishes they could embrace Edie in a hug but can only offer their words.

life in grace


Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new dawn, a new day, a new year.

Hello blogland! I have to apologize for abandoning my dear little blog for so long. Not to get in to too many excuses or details, it was just a crazy end of 2010 and I couldn't muster up the energy to blog let alone work on projects to blog about! No worries, I did work on a few projects that we will catch up on but for now I wanted to give a sneak peak of inspiration photos for 2011 projects that I can't wait to start on!

So many people make new years resolutions but mine are more goals/ projects to work on. I really am so excited to get started and also see everyone else's projects to come! 

So, here are the photos that are inspiring me.... enjoy!

Pottery Barn. Love the branch!

Holly Mathis. Must redo my stairs.

More stairs. Can't remember source!- sorry

               Jones Design Company. Love this entryway with the curtains (and so much more she does!)

Jennifer Rizzo. Love her kitchen redo.

I would also like to branch out of all things home decor and join in on The Pleated Poppy's "What I Wore Wednesday" posts. Of course, this will start next week since I have yet to take photos of what I wear. It really looks like so much fun, you should link up too!

And on that I will leave off with this note to ring in 2011...