Monday, October 26, 2009

Hate your mini blinds?

I was inspired by several bloggers to turn my little girls ugly $3 mini blinds in to Roman Shades. It was either that or invest in the wood blinds (feaux) which would add up to about $50. Umm, this fabric sitting in my storage bench? Free! Free wins in this house. I did have to go buy some fabric glue. This one, Fabritac, cost $4.97.
For a real tutorial click here at Little Green Notebook and check out her blog too! But here you get the idea.

I took off the bottom piece of the blinds, cut the tilt strings (not the lift string!) and took off all but 6 slats. I spaced the remaining slats apart about 9 inches.

I used this glue to glue in the hem of all 4 sides of my piece of fabric, then proceed to glue the fabric to both the top and bottom piece of the blinds, and to all 6 slats.

I trimmed the top with some coordinating ribbon but it doesn't stand out too well. I would love to add black out fabric to the back. I think that would make them look higher quality and keep out more light.

Overall, I am happy with them! They are much cuter than the plastic mini blinds and this project took me about 2 1/2 hours. (I'm not good at measuring). For more pictures of Payton's big girl room click here!

I am submitting this on Kimbas DIY day, thanks for looking and go check it out!



  1. Love that idea of using old blinds to make roman shades! And the free fabric is very cute...great job!


  2. I have seen this done before, and everytime I think 'why didn't it think of that?'. My old blinds have all gone now but I am sure there will be more blinds in my future and then I will use this trick.
    Love the funky green color!

  3. this looks fantastic! now i wish i had mini blinds that i could convert to something cute!

  4. They looks great! Very pretty and cheerful fabric. I've seen this posted on a couple blogs and I have a window I keep meaning to do this to.