Thursday, November 19, 2009

Green with envy

I finally got sick enough of my yellowish walls in the living room to get up the energy to paint them. The color before was supposed to be a vanilla but was more buttery and did not mesh well with my furniture. Sorry for a lack of before pictures but here is how it turned out!

I love the shade of green. It's dark enough for some drama but still soft and soothing.

I think it ties in all of my colors without being to "matchy". Note: I LOVE all of the beachy themed, light, natural living rooms I have been eyeing in other blogs but new furnitre was out of the question and quite frankly I"m not sure that look is for us. I need colors that don't show dirt!

This shows my goodwill broken clock turned chalkboard and old shutter door to a closet. Have I ever mentioned I love stars? This is one of 3 in this room.

Because you just gotta. :)

See this lovely shelf? This was purchased at the Nesters yard sale. Yep, from the Nesters house straight to mine! :)

View to the dining room. Going to add beadboard soon.


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  1. You have a beautiful home. I don't know what it looked like before but it looks awesome now.

    I love stars too.