Monday, March 29, 2010

Subway Art Inspired Family Rules

I am in the process of redoing some things in our home to feel more light and airy. I am really inspired by all the whites out there but am trying to find a common ground between what we have and something more fresh. I sold my old furniture set for the exact amount I need to purchase the lovely white slip covered sofa and chairs at Ikea. In the mean time I'm also editing my accessories and art.

I have been loving all of the subway art inspired pieces lately and also the family rules boards I've seen around. I also wanted to add a little more touch of modern around here. Some areas were looking a little Grandma-sh. Just sayin. So, in the spirit of using what I have I came up with a little something of my own.

This is a print on canvas purchased at Kirklands that was in our kitchen before the kitchen redo. It's OK but the colors don't work in any of our rooms any more. Insert black paint and stencils.

I painted the canvas black (ack!). My husband kind of winced at the sight of me painting over the old picture but I had no worries.... I knew it would be great! I layed out the letters I was going to stencil to get a feel for where to put them and then painted the white with a spongy crafty brush thing.

The finished product with our family rules. I liked it being more of a art piece than a rules board but it still serves the purpose. I am going to love the black and white focus piece with the white furniture when it arrives!

Side note: I may be painting over and redoing the "pay it forward" to "read more books". We'll see.



  1. Looks great! However, I do love the print before too! :) But I love me some subway art :) You did an awesome job, love the rules! I made my family rules a couple months ago.. Come bop by sometime if you'd like to see them! :)

    Thanks for linking up

  2. Jenny this is so cool! I really like it... you are giving me some great ideas!

  3. Jenny, you ROCK! I ADORE the family rules board! we have somthing simalar but on a white board, the kids erase it all the time and would love to have something like that. you are awesome! come over and help me. If you could help ME, you can design anything!

    Cheryl (braggnation)

  4. What a nice idea! I like this a lot.

  5. Your Subway Art turned out great. I love the lettering you used - it looks so authentic. I also love the phrases that you chose. Great project!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my Subway Art Party!