Friday, January 7, 2011

Flashback Friday: Taking Back The House

Have you seen the ABC comedy, The Middle? I find it hilariously funny due to the honesty about the unglamorous life of parenting. I can really relate to all aspects and love to watch a refreshing show that doesn't make you feel like something is wrong with your family if you are not "perfect"

Wednesday's episode "Taking the House Back" was no let down and I was thinking how this applies in so many ways in our home. I decided to take MY house back when toddler toys started bursting out of the seams of our house. I know toddlers need toys and there is nothing wrong with having a "family" home. I just wanted to keep the "family" narrowed down to fewer rooms. One example would be the upstairs bathroom. The kids sea theme was starting to blind my eyes every time I walked in. Then it hit me one day. Kids can take baths in bathrooms without fishes on the wall! Ya know what? They can!

Bathroom now

Bathroom before

Like I said, nothing against kids rooms but I just wanted a room that I felt comfortable in also.

Trash find mirror painted "sea green"

See the "textured" walls? After removing some wallpaper our drywall was pretty much ruined so I tried a tissue paper technique on them that turned out kind of neat. It looks great in the new gray also. Almost like stucco. 

Trash find mirror re-painted black.

I also did the entire makeover with items we had around the house and paint in the shed. Cost to "take my house back?" = $0

I have a love of all things signage. Found this one at Hobby Lobby for $3.

I love looking back at old pictures and then to new ones of homes. Its fun to see the transformations with a flash instead of the long process it actually takes to get your home how you want it. And honestly, my daughter has no problem taking baths and brushing her teeth in here while having just as much fun as she did "under the sea".

Can you do anything to "take back your home" today?



  1. Funny thing, when we moved in I swore that our bathroom would not look like a kids bathroom! No ducks or fish for me man! I was going to do brown and blue... but it turned into blue and bright colors... and now I would say, looks like a kids bathroom.

  2. I love it... taking back your house! My children are 11 years apart and the oldest is ready to move out... I'm changing things from "kid friendly" to "Mom friendly"!

  3. Yes I saw the episode and laughed out loud! You made me laugh when you said "kids CAN take a bath wihout fishes on the wall!" WOW...powerful revelation there huh?
    Your bath looks fantastic. I think you did a wonderful job and for zero cash to boot!!

  4. I LOVE this idea! I've been "taking back my home" recently, too, especially since we have baby #2 on the way.

    Your bathroom is gorgeous - love the toile and the tissue paper treatment on the walls!

  5. Your bath looks great, I love that toile showercurtain! I too am all about having "kid zones" but not a "kid house", and most of their zone is in their room! That sign from Hobby Lobby is great too, nice score for $3!

  6. I love your new bathroom, and the clip made me laugh. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from

  7. I also love the toile shower curtain. Your bathroom turned out very nicely. One of my projects this year is to take back the boy's/main bathroom that I foolishly attempted to paint the ceiling blue with clouds several years ago. A muralist I am NOT. I can hardly wait to cover it up with white.

  8. Awesome update! I love that show too! :)

  9. fabulous still warm for the family but not JUST for kids! A little bit more subtle eh? Great job taking it back!

  10. The new bathroom looks great!

    But that mirror...I LOVE IT! It looked great in green, and now looks FABULOUS in black!

    Wish I could find one of those on the curb!

  11. I have little boys too, and I just remade my powder room for this reason. lol Great minds think alike! :)
    It looks great, and yes, kids don't need "kid-themed" bathrooms!! I am so OVER that! ha ha

  12. looks great! Our 2nd bath has always been NON-kid decorated. Guests use it, too, but mostly--like you said, so I can be comfortable and like it, too!

  13. Your bathroom makeover looks soothing. I'll sure you're much happier in there now. I've heard of that tv show, but never watched it, I'll have to check it out.

  14. Love the redo! It looks amazing!