Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Trip

We decided to take off to the mountains for the weekend for some relaxation and take a break from house work/ remodeling. Also, Tommy bought a nifty tent made for the back of a truck that would fit our trailer. He had a plan to turn it into a camper of sorts for us and we wanted to test it out!

We found a great site we have spotted before but were never lucky enough to get! This site is nestled on the river at a large rock that creates a dam of sorts with waterfalls and little pools to wade in. It's heavenly!

Payton enjoyed fishing with her Dora pole and loves throwing rocks in the river

We also took a day trip to Grandfather Mtn. and observed their animal habitat which had bears, cougars, eagles, and otters.

View from the top of Grandfather Mtn.

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