Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I (heart) vinyl lettering

I have found a new love for words. Words on walls that is. I have now done vinyl lettering on two different walls in our home and I just love the results. It is classy, casual, and inspiring! Pictured below is the hallway wall in our entryway. I previously had a iron leaf candle holder and it was just not practical for a busy, narrow hall. Lets just say a couple glass votives didn't make it.

Vinyl lettering was my solution since there is nothing for brushing shoulders to break! Just simply eye candy and inspiring words to remind us of how lucky we are to have this lovely home each time we enter it.

Here is a little something we are keeping our eye on for Suzies room/ nursery.

I also love what Lindsay from Living With Lindsay did here with her Goodwill find desk.


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  1. I Love it!! Your entry wall looks wonderful and you do such a professional job (of course) really looks great sweetie. Love you!